AT&T is show some Texas love as they are bring three out of the five markets they announced today to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The other two are Chicago and obviously Atlanta. The Death Star also states that they will be rolling out 10 more LTE MArkets by the second half of this year and will have a total of 70 markets covered by the end of this year. Are you feeling the AT&T LTE love?


AT&T’s 4G Evolution

Dallas, Texas, May 25, 2011

By John Donovan, AT&T Chief Technology Officer

AT&T has delivered five mobile broadband speed upgrades in recent years, including our HSPA+ deployment last year. And average nationwide speeds on the AT&T network have increased – more than 40 percent over the past two years alone.

The next network evolution will arrive this summer with the addition of LTE in five markets – Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Antonio. We plan to add another 10 or more markets in the second half of the year, and cover 70 million Americans with LTE by year-end. We also have plans to add 20 4G devices to our robust device portfolio this year, with some of those being LTE capable.

We’re positioning to deliver a great mobile broadband experience in the near term with HSPA+ and a growing LTE footprint.

We’ve invested $75 billion in our wireless and wired networks over the last four years – more capital invested in the U.S. than any company in any industry. And we plan to invest $19 billion in our wireless and wireline networks and other capital projects this year. The investments we’ve made to evolve our mobile broadband network in recent years, plus what we have planned for the future, put our customers in position to benefit fully from a host of coming mobile broadband innovations.



  1. Hmmm… hopefully the DC Metro/Baltimore area gets covered in the 10 additional markets for the second half of the year. Cause I’m really eye-ballin the HTC Holiday.

  2. What’s the math behind not doing this in New York City? Same reason they still haven’t stopped sucking on any standard? Is it just scientifically impossible for AT&T to serve New Yorkers well because of all the people?

    But hey, kudos for taking on Chicago, an impressive 27% of the density of NYC. That’s ballsy.

  3. Maybe they’re gonna do something smart. Like try and work out the bugs in the system before head butting the 800 lbs gorilla? Seriously, trying to launch in NY first they’d either be Hero or Zero with no in between. I’m sure they’re as aware of their track record as you are. So they know Zero would be the most likely outcome.

  4. I know, all anecdotal, but when GSM first came to ATT (or was it Cingular then, don’t remember) there was a good wait for the NYC area (which included greater metro, like North Jersey, Southern Connecticut). When I asked the manager at the Central Jersey ATT store (I picked up the phone near my office) what took so long, he explained that the people in the NYC region are the hardest to please so they wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly before launching. Btw, Boston came right in front of NYC.

    Couldn’t activate the phone at the store as there was no GSM signal, so I had to wait till I got home that night to activate. Carried two phones around for 6 months, forwarding calls from one to the other, before GSM made it’s way to Central/South Jersey. But I finally had Bluetooth and could communicate with my Pocket PC.

  5. What do you suppose he meant, that we’re the hardest to please. New Yorkers are spoiled? Or if they do something to us and it’s not lubed up just right we’ll freak out and blog and cry about it? I understand they don’t even have any phones yet, they’re just doing this little rollout for mifi and USB sticks. You’d think that would be light enough to try that out in NYC, to see how that goes then quietly ramp things up. Keep in mind the existing service is often unusable, still. Can’t exactly do any worse.

    I think they think there are constraints, either scientific or something else, that they just cannot shake about the city in terms of providing it decent service whether it’s the buildings or all those frustrated customers so New York City will have to wait until the thinner cities receive this LTE positively. Then eventually down the line, New York gets it, and when it’s time to complain about it on the blogs all the other cities will blog back saying it’s FUD and don’t believe the hype, it works fine in Dallas, those New Yorker liberal spoiled brats.

    Weirdly though, to my knowledge, no other carrier has this problem.

  6. AT&T is based in Dallas. Texas will always be at or near the top of the line. After that, I would go with Ed D.

  7. Well the good news (for me) is that I won’t have to wait for AT&T’s LTE. Found out yesterday that my employer will now pay for a data plan on my work phone. Which means I’ll shopping for a Verizon phone. If the only the battery life on the Thunderbolt didn’t suck sooo bad!

    The bad news is the reason I’m shopping for a new phone…my Telstra HD2 decided to jump into Baltimore Harbor yesterday :-( . Sorry Doug (Smith), I really loved that phone and it will be sorely missed.

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