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Make A Customized Cab For Your Registry Tweaks

For the advanced users out there that are frequently flashing and haven’t set up User Customization and want to restore all of your customized registry tweaks, I have a gem for you. For all of the noobs out there who want to be able to easily customize your registry without any third party apps and without knowing how to edit your registry, I have a gem for you. What am I talking about? Take a look at here: (ignore the security warning). This is a website made by fmstrat of XDA and it lets you just check the boxes for the registry tweaks that you want and then it makes you a customized cab file with just those changes. And if there’s a registry tweak that you want to add it’s simple – just add it. And fmstrat was nice enough to permit us to add the registry tweaks that we’ve gone through on this site as well as many from our forums and mark them as FuzeMobility Approved so that you know that they are working tweaks (since anyone can add a registry tweak). So now instead of making 20 different registry tweaks you just need to check a few boxes and load one cab. So you can easily make all of those camera tweaks we discussed, make the back button in Internet Explorer go history back (instead of out of the application to the last application), change the screen sensitivity, set the programs directory to have 4 columns instead of three all at once. Since this is a cab it is also uninstallable (whereas using a registry editor you would need to remember and undo what you did).

Remember, when dealing with your registry you will need to restart your phone after installing it for most tweaks to take place. Also, you’ll notice that some tweaks have multiple parts to them that are noted. If you have any tweaks you want to add go right ahead and then drop me a note here in our forums so I can mark them as FuzeMobility Approved so the community knows it’s been tested. There are a lot of tweaks that are not uploaded yet so feel free to join in. And if you don’t know, generally in the registry, a 0=no and 1=yes so if there is any tweak that ‘disables’ an event then generally changing the 0 to a 1 lets you enable the event (or vice versa).  There are a bunch of registry tweaks here that are personalized (like setting a soft key to a specific application) but there are also a lot of tweaks that I didn’t know about and I see myself testing out:)

Thanks again to fmstrat for sharing creating this website and granting us approval permission. This is a great project and it can help all of us customize our phones easier. The official XDA thread is located here.