imageFeel ripped off that right after you bought your new Windows phone AT&T put them on buy-on, get-one? Well they aren’t going to make you return it then rebuy it to try to get the discount. Looks like they’re just offering it up if you qualify. Sweet.


  1. It’s only valid if you bought the device in the store, but I had no problem going into a store and getting a second WP7 phone for my wife (other than paying an $18 upgrade fee). It’s a learning curve for her, but I think it will be a helpful tool in the long run.

  2. @sirpwn4g3: I don’t think so. I thinkt he BOGO deal is through retail AT&T stores only. But that’s also because Amazon is selling them for cheaper than AT&T stores.

  3. Got a 2nd 1 for my daughter. Called Friday and they said just come in. Daughter was eligible for upgrade so no $18 activation. Thanks ATT.

  4. Oooooohh. Hubby can upgrade as of a couple of weeks ago, so he’s got his line ready. I sense a stop on the way home tomorrow evening.

  5. I purchased a focus on release day. Walked into ATT store in Chicago this morning and walked out with a second focus for the wife. They even waived the $18 upgrade fee. I didn’t pay a penny.

  6. ….. I should have asked them to waive the activation fee… I guess it’s two late now. There goes $36 bucks for my two lines.

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