Samsung, the makers of the highly successful Android  powered Galaxy S II, have been the constant source of discussion as to why it has taken so long to land here in the US. So successful in fact that the Galaxy S II is the fastest selling Sammy device of all time. The SGS2 is super slim at 8.49mm, dual core 1.2GHz processor, brilliant 4.3” WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus screen, and 8mp AF with LED Flash. Slim and powerful. Now you can add a slide out keyboard variant to the mix coming to AT&T this August thanks to an exclusive by BGR

I was once one of the biggest advocates on a slide out keyboard but I have since traded the luxury of a physical keyboard for super sexy sleekness. And the Galaxy S II was loaded with sexy sleekness. A winning recipe, a device in global high demand, a development communities dream come true. Leave it to AT&T to reinvent the wheel. Another downer appears to be the back cover. Excellent grip and no finger prints, but it is not easy on the eyes and looks more like a mat you would put your device on and not the actual back cover. The AT&T version of the Galaxy S II will come loaded with Gingerbread, Android 2.3.4 and wears the Sammy model number of SGH-I927 as you can see in the photos below. So what say you? Are you down with the new AT&T Galaxy S II Slider version or are you more in favor of the super sexy sleekness of it’s global counterpart?


  1. Pros: physical keyboard for easier typing, S2 goodness, coming in August!

    Cons: physical keyboard could make it bulky, ‘Home’ key missing, ‘Search’ key is unnecessary

    Bottom line: it’s definitely an S2 w/ maximum value (keyboard and all). i will surely miss the home key, and typing on 4.3″ screen may make some owners feel the physical keyboard being a bit redundant.

  2. The high powered, sexy, large screen Android devices are being released at a furious rate. I think it is a good move by ATT to take one of them and decrease the sexiness a bit, but increase the functionality. I am still using my Tilt 2 because I can not live without my keyboard. I use the on-screen for small staff, but many times I have a lot of typing to do and the keyboard is worth its weight and size. In anticipation of the S2 coming out, last week I bought an external bluetooth keyboard because I just had to have one of those beautiful new phones. I am very happy to hear that we will be getting one with a keyboard!
    In all honesty, I don’t buy my phone because the back cover looks nice. I buy it because of what it can for me – or what it can do for me more than my current phone. And I suspect there will be quite a few folks like me. If you need the super slim size, get the Inspire or Infuse. You need dual core? Get the Atrix. Actually, I have seen rumors online that there is a new dual core coming to ATT in a few months too. The bottom line is that no phone will make everyone happy. If such a thing was possible, Apple would have done it already. But Android’s allure is that there will be so many variants, you can find one you like.

  3. I’m guessing the chances are slim that they’ll release another SGS2 variant without the keyboard. But maybe this is the other dual core beast they’re ousting soon? or would that be a moto phone?

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