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On 3/31/2011 5:20 AM, David K wrote:

Google to end Android customization. Who wants to post? I’m done…considering it’s 5am:

On 3/31/2011 12:36 PM, Douglas Smith wrote:

they can try…

On 3/31/2011 2:44 PM, Doug Simmons wrote:

Where do you get Google to “end Android customization” out of Rumor has it that Andy Rubin may start putting the breaks on whatever he, and there could be a more right man for such a job, thinks is worth saying no to? They already say no to a number of things in their policies, just not on the fly.

That said, stock Android for the win, and I doubt there’s anything stopping some random company in Vietnam from making a decent launcher app, meaning not something burned into the device like Sense is which you cannot get rid of, but a launcher… and I definitely don’t think things like Sense and MOTOBLUR are going anywhere as a result of this. Ahh whatever, much ado about jack shit

On 3/31/2011 3:06 PM, Murani Lewis wrote:

Its more about being truly open source.    Google is now firmly in a position of power as the OEMs have publicly and internally fully committed to the platform.

This is why product & brand diversification on carriers/in the market is so important.  Lol @ OEMs for falling for the do no evil spill.  Consumers on the other hand probably could care less unless

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On 3/31/2011 3:17 PM, Doug Simmons wrote:

Okay, let’s continue to presume this rumor is in fact true and not completely exaggerated.

You actually think that if companies knew that Andy Rubin might say No to some stock UI that was too shitty for his liking? Do you think he might bother to define what and what would not slide under such new rules or would it depend on whether or not his wife broke his balls about something that morning?

Lol @ this obsession of what is and what isn’t evil. Do you think this will make Android better or worse? Better. If Android is better, do those poor bastards, the OEMs, suffer? No? So what the fɸck is your problem?

On 3/31/2011 3:18 PM, Doug Simmons wrote:

Besides, were you to even take issue with anything here, wouldn’t you be more sympathetic to the free open source software community than OEMs?

And if you said "Oh yeah, that makes more sense" right there, since you presumably even know what source code is, zoom back a bit and tell me if Android has been good overall for Linux or bad. The answer’s good, to save you some Binging.

Whom or what has Android or Andy Rubin, other than Windows Phone’s ability to become relevant, ever hurt?

Bunch of bullshit right here, flapping your lip Murani. Go ride your bike. And stop using two spaces after a period – or program something for Windows Phone that adds that extra space to save everyone a tap to be incorrect like you both in opinion and grammar.

On 3/31/2011 3:32 PM, Chris Leiter wrote:

Alright, that’s it. Who shit in Simmons cheerios this morning?

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  1. You had me until “price points.” Not sure what that means.. hang on, googling,…

    The OEMs and their software designers who are spending all “the millions” on homescreen crap that is just a little too crappy, well, I guess they’ll have to drop a few more hundreds of thousands to step their game up, end result being a better product for them and for consumers, competition.

    Hackers? I’ll extend this offer I’ve made before to you: If you can give me instructions on how to have my phone be effectively compromised, unrooted stock phone with default security settings, I’ll write haikus about how badass you are compared to me because right now I feel the extreme opposite, knowing you’re full of shit, something involving rooting, sideloading, Chinese app markets and programs that are not on the market that if you actually delivered on this it would slingshot my opinion into haiku-writing turf.

    Price points. Stop saying that please.

  2. Who gives a shit about UI standardization. Android needs some minimum hardware requirements. That’s what the push needs to be. Narrow down screen possibilities on phone deployment, and give tablets their own standards. Let the people run whatever live tile, grid launcher, widget fuckry they want.

    Sent from something other than an iPhone

  3. yss: You know, I thought I’d change things up a bit instead of just being the up tight guy in the tux and the suit to the guy chillin’ in the jacuzzi getting drunk. So I switched it to this and waited a while for it to kick in but it didn’t. Turns out, and the funny thing is, when I tried to add the picture to gravatar, their skin detector flagged it as X rated. So I had to, and don’t tell anyone, relax our wordpress settings to allow x rated pictures just to get this through the door.

  4. Tsk Tsk, so what happens to the millions OEMs are spending on software layers to differentiate their products? I seem to remember Andy Rubin (or another big wig) saying that eventually the rapid update cycle will slow down once they reach a certain level of market penetration.

    Sympathetic to the Open Source community? Not really because the moment big corporation get involved and expressly intends to base their revenue generating activities around said open source it becomes a tangled mess.

    The big question for me is how will Google respond to hackers doing what the hell they please with the software? Do they just talk big and in the end do nothing or will they show themselves not to be fully behind open source?

    In any case Android is penetrating the market rapidly not because of Android but because of OEMs and carriers competing against each other and offering smartphones at ridiculously low price points.

  5. Chris: Don’t know what to tell you, trying to get it answered, put it in the damn headline.

    Speaking of Cheerios and poop, when I eat even a small amount of Cheerios (which is hard, I love my Cheerios), I really pay for it with my stomach, always get a bad situation, digestion-wise. Without getting to graphic my … my business actually smells like Cheerios. What does that mean in terms of why am I flying off the handle today, that’s open to interpretation.

    When I was a kid I used to rip apart bacon and sprinkle it in my Cheerios. My mom told me not to do that in front of anyone outside the family but it was damn good. Haven’t done that in a while but maybe the bacon could correct the poop defects I otherwise get as an adult. Maybe my tummy’s angry that I’m not keeping it real to the way I rolled back in the day, bacon, milk and Cheerios.

  6. You look like a 12 year old peeing in the pool with that smirk. That’s why it got flagged as X-rated.

  7. Simmons its simple. When has Google ever been out for the good of the user. Google doesn’t make a shred of phone hardware and supplies only software so although minimum hardware specs can only be a good thing for software performing as intended it still doesn’t address the main issue-OEMs tripping over themselves to rush products to market in less than optimized states. I’ve had to help all my co-workers out who own Android phones with saving battery life and how to recover things that were lost and can’t be found. Its like Windows Mobile but with OEMs going at each other guns blazing.

    Do you really think HTC and their commitment to Sense will look kindly on not having their phones come equipped with Sense front and center? LOL, most people I know prefer Sense to stock android. To clarify, most “regular” people I know.

  8. And, unless you were referring to your mindedness, it’s not simple. Can’t believe I have to explain this to one of our own writers but Apple and Google cater to different crowds. Some people like to get their stuff from a computer/gadget/music company whose entire product line at a given time fits on a table. Other crowds like phones that have big dialing buttons and a Send button, some don’t even want the dialing buttons but program contacts and give the thing to grandma. Some like the RAZR and the like, feature phones or whatever, some like Dr. Jim like something mid-shelf (HTC Aria), simple get-the-job-done nothing-fancy but-still-pretty-decent Android phone by HTC with Sense (or without should he find himself inclined to flash it off — something you still cannot do, tweak anything like that).

    And then you got people who visit sites like this who tend to spring for the top of the line, people who like to have the best thing there is in their pocket, willing to pay up for that. I’m in that crowd but in a subcategory of having to have the official Google phone du jour which, though not made at China’s Foxconn or whatever like the iPhones and maybe without Andy Rubin faxing the blueprints to Samsung and HTC for the Nexus phones, you’re telling me there’s no friendly and extensive collaboration? My device probably cost about the same as yours and these friends of yours probably wouldn’t laugh at it. Pretty sweet phone. When HTC or whoever makes a phone with a lousy battery life like this new Thunderbolt, people write and read about it. The free market cleanses the situation. Information, which is what we’re involved with, spreads and that helps keep the heat on OEMs and developers of all kinds to step their game up.

    Maybe you need to step your game up too. Go fire up a GPS racing app and put some new stickers on your bike helmet, fruitcake.

  9. @Doug Simmons:

    “Maybe my tummy’s angry that I’m not keeping it real to the way I rolled back in the day, bacon, milk and Cheerios”

    Too funny, couldn’t have possibly ignored that.

    Shit-eating grin or not, I actually think you made a few good points. I seriously doubt that Sense (or Motoblur) will be affected by this. At least on the phone end. Tablets…ehhhh. I think they love Honeycomb’s UI too much. We’ll see.

    “Price points” remind me of retail hell (I’m currently in in the 3rd year of a 10 year Black Friday boycott). Heebie-Jeebies Territory.

    Agreed: Android has been great for Linux. Rooting a nook color and throwing CM7 – Froyo on it maybe the best cheap tablet idea of 2010-11.

    Moving on…eff you if you don’t like people using two spaces after the end of a sentence. Speaking from my perspective, I’m going to personally show everyone that this sh*t a*s NYC Public school system and corrupt a*s CUNY system can still produce highly functional retards, such as myself (who also know the difference between ALA and MLA standards).

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