Even though I still maintain that we will not know anything for sure until Tim Cook walks out on stage and I see both devices in his hand, there is some really believable proof rolling out that confirms the iPhone 4S and the one two punch Apple is rumored to be laying on us. BGR got their hands on a new shipment of cases that has started making their way to the AT&T corporate stores that have a noticeably different camera opening to it that the iPhone 4 cases. 

The Picture on the left looks a lot like the current case models we have been seeing with the standard 5 megapixel shooter currently in service. The same case which is arriving has a much different camera opening than the original and suggests that a newer camera version of the old handset design looms on the horizon.

These are not just the average run of the mill cases either. In the second picture, Speck and OtterBox also have made the changes to their existing iPhone 4S cases. Even though the packaging still says iPhone 4, it look like AT&T or the case manufactures want to get caught with unsellable case inventory and have converted over a little early ahead of the announcement October 4th.



  1. those cases still say ‘iPhone 4″ on the box. Could just be that APple said to make the opening larger because the flash and stuff were getting screwed up by the openings being too small. If they were ‘s’ cases I’d expect to see the ‘s’ on the packaging.

  2. That huge hole looks like the camera lens on the iphone will be an eyesore. Apple usually takes great care not for that to be the case and I hope its true in this instance.

  3. Those are both the iPhone 4 cases.. originally the ones with the smaller camera holes would cause problems when people use the flash to take pictures. So they had to go ahead and give the flash more space to escape so it wouldn’t interfere with peoples pictures….

    This has nothing to do with the iPhone 4S

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