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What’s Danny Running?

When I joined the Mobility Digest team a few months back I was sole Symbian user here.  I have since abandoned my Nokia N97 in favor of an old iPhone 2G.  This is due to how much I hate Symbian and not any particular love for Apple.  For the record, I didn’t go out and purchase anything.  This 2G was given to me when a relative upgraded to an iPhone 4.  Had someone had an extra Android or WindowsMobile device I would’ve switched to that just as fast.  Since this is a relatively new phone for me, I haven’t had time to find/install as many apps as my colleagues here. 

I think everyone is familiar enough with the 2G iPhone that I dont need to go over specs.  I should note that I’m using iOS 3.1.3 and it isn’t as stable as I originally thought, but this maybe be due to the fact that I jailbroke it.  I’ve have 3 hard system crashes since I began using it about 3 weeks ago where I needed to do a reset which takes an excessively long time to complete.  Battery life was also underwhelming.  I always leave my phones on overnight.  The iPhone managed to drain 16% after 10hrs of complete inactivity while i slept.  Ok, without further ado:


Bing – nice for when I need to find a number for a restaurant.  It pulls up local info much better than google.  I would stick to Safari but haven’t figured out how to set the homepage to Bing. Personal Finance – This is a nice app that gives me access to my account and view my financial status on the go

Shazam – MusicID program, been using it for years and it works just fine on the iPhone.  Just wish it would stop bugging me to access location services.  Why does Shazam need to know where i hear the song?

Pandora – Don’t use it much, but it’s there

Facebook – pretty self-explainitory

Opera Mini – Browser, but I don’t find myself using it as much.  Safari works pretty well when it doesn’t hog all my RAM.

Palringo – multi client chat program.  I like it but the layout could be better.


Photo Spot – find the differences in the pictures

Toobz-Free – a puzzle game where you try not to let the pipes leak

MX Mayhem – 2D Dirt Bike game, get to the end without crashing

Moron Test – fun game with stupid tests, best when watching friends play it

TriDefense – Tower Defense game

Tron – top down, tank shooting game with multiplayer support

UniWar – A nice turn based strategy game similar to Advanced Wars