If you are out and about today and head into an AT&T store, odds are good the employees will be sporting some new Samsung swag featuring the Infuse 4G which launches today. Check out the front and back pics below.

Drop a comment and let us know what you think of the Sammy “Big Screen” Android device and what your impressions are if you get a chance to play with it. Now all we need is Netflix to get this device approved so we can put this screen to the test!


  1. Not to be a negative Nancy but could someone please just tell me why the rest of the world gets the better phones first? We’re the USA damnit. I mean hey this sounds like a great phone and and not as inferior as they usually are compared to those of everywhere else but let’s stack this up against up against the Samsung Galaxy S II for a moment which has been selling elsewhere, millions of them, since the end of April.

    They both are Super AMOLED Plus, and this trait I guess could go either way depending on your taste, but 4.5″ (Infuse) vs 4.27″ (GSII), well, 4.5″ just sounds just a wee bit too big but like I said, either way.

    But the chips inside, if you believe in Quadrant, the Galaxy puts a hurtin’ on the Infuse across the board:

    Better front camera, more cores and horses, Android 2.3 (versus Android 2.2 and AT&T goodness presumably), thinner. It’s the superior phone and over a hundred carriers will have it before one of ours does. I’m happy with my Nexus S, don’t have much phone envy, I’ve just never understood this system and wish someone could explain it to me, why we’re not only not leading the way but why we’re not at least in tandem with countries I haven’t even hard of?

    On the bright side AT&T, in their better late than never discovery that Android (and T-Mobile’s infrastructure) would be good for business, phones and t-shirts alike, has reportedly loosened their ass a PSI by allowing sideloading. Meanwhile Motorola’s enjoying whatever rewards come with having the market cornered on superior bootloader restriction technology employment, which is another thing I’d like explained to me.

  2. @Simmons… whattya mean AT&T never gets the newest and hottest phones. I heard that they’ll be getting the Nexus S soon too

    I haven’t seen an AT&T device that’s compelling enough for me dump the HD2. While it may not have HSPA+… it can already play NetFlix content for Android ;-)

  3. simmons, the reason america never gets the newest latest and greatest or the highest quality phones is because we are on a back asswards system where the carrier pays the bulk of the cost of your equipment and you agree to pay them for 2 years. its not like HTC or MOTO or anyone else tells AT&T or VZW “hey, i want you to sell this phone, im going to ship you some” its more like AT&T or VZdubbs calls moto and says, “hey, you know that phone you guys have with all the crazy shit in it. well can we have a bastardized stepchild of that so we can buy it for half the cost and push it to these people that think 199 is very expensive for a mini computer with a phone and camera.”

    case and point (which you probably know seeing as you run with nexus) you want a truly high end phone, buy an unlocked unbranded phone.

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