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Yeah, I’m Going with am finally out of denial that Google will shut down Reader. Additionally, I have found my new home, I set it up just right, installed some Chrome extensions for it, tweaked my RSS adding thing, exported/imported my zillion feeds, getting the hang of the keyboard shortcuts, the whole deal. Haven’t switched yet but I’m ready.

I know there are lots of shiny alternatives to Google Reader and this one in particular may not get the most votes, but I just liked the actual old Google Reader the most, and I want something as similar to that as possible, basically. RSS stands for really simple syndication, did you know that? I don’t want to jazz it up. So I’m with, and so far so good.

But they don’t have an Android app yet. They say they’re working on it. I like what I’ve seen enough to risk some period of no app during which I could get by with something like Feedly, but I think that would be a better opportunity for me to take Google+ for a spin finally. Or maybe I don’t need an effing app?