Over the last 2 days I’ve been watching bits and pieces of my favorite tv shows on my DVR.  One of the advantages of this is being able to rewind the commercials when I spot something interesting.  Happily I’ve run across AT&T created commercials for both the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus.  Watch and let me know if you think these are more effective than Microsoft’s “Season of the Witch” and “Really?” commercials.  I think they do a better job at showcasing the individual merits of the hardware itself while the Microsoft commercials focus more on a theme.


  1. Okay, those are decent, but why is it that I haven’t seen either of them and have seen this one, which is not decent, multiple times?

    What, you got some tiles with large font facebook message counts and that will get you laid? Does not showcase the phone like these two you posted, it’s just a goofy and forgettable spot, yet it’s the only one I’ve seen.

  2. You’d think the ads would be mainly concentrated on people who use it more for work (or decide what their employees will have to use to work) than for clubbing, possibly the reason they went with a Monday launch day versus a weekend.

    Or play up the Xbox and kid stuff instead, one side for one or a set of 30 second spots, another set for the other (professional or fun / social). Thirty seconds during part of which you have to plug AT&T goes by pretty fast and this one seems to concentrate on furthering the same goals in your life as the Kin did.

  3. Doug even this commercial is loads better than the symphonic ones. At least this one explains somewhat why WP is different.

  4. Doug,

    WP was never intended to be a business product. Its a consumer product. That’s why direct Outlook connection is missing, there’s no Task lists, tethering was extremely well hidden etc.

    I mean seriously if you were a business manager deciding on which mobile platform to get your employees…in XBox integration tops on your list?

  5. Marketing should and is all be directed towards the masses. Businesses are going to assume, rightly so, that any Microsoft phone will be easier to connect through Exchange, etc. vs. say the iPhone. So no need to spend money telling people that. Even mentioning the word “business” in an ad is an instant turnoff for the 14 to 24 demographic, which I would guess is the primary focus group. Win them over and its a new ballgame. The 40, 50 and 60 something’s didn’t start to embrace iPhone until their kids and grandkids showed them how it works.

  6. What really kills me is that for the last 5 years, my WM 5/6 phones have been giving me exactly what the “new” concept is trying to do. With plugins on the today screen, I instantly see all the info that the new phones are showing, without the wasted space of the tiles. So I never have to scroll up and down like in that commercial. And to top it off, I also have the hot chick.

  7. At the end of the day I think that Microsoft has a horrible track record of promotion. Windows 7 is awesome with its “Windows 7 is my idea” but we all can come up with much more effective ads so why can’t Microsoft see things that are so plain obvious?

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