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JavaFX For Windows Mobile Available

The other day Java made a version of JavaFX available for download for Windows Mobile Phone devices. JavaFX is intended to bring more rich media content to phones and since JavaFX can be cross platform (PC, Mac, BlackBerry…everything except the iPhone since Apple may never approve of it) developers can make applications one time and they can run on these platforms natively. Windows is the first mobile platform to have a release of JavaFX. The package contains 4 demos. A Twitter client, a simple calculator, a photo viewer and a little application where your finger makes a ripple and the fish follows it.

So for the first time developer’s can start to work on developing JavaFX applications and have a real mobile testing platform. Of course you can run any other Java app through this as well (I tested it with Google Maps java and it ran fine). The download and additional release notes are located here.

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