It’s just a matter of time now. The AT&T Flagship device soon to be released Motorola ATRIX has just buzzed the FCC Tower and a device this hot must have spilled some coffee on it’s way by. The Motorola ATRIX, AT&T’s first Dual Core Processor Android Device will be going live March 1st if a leaked document has got it pegged right. Regardless, with todays FCC Filing Approval, things are looking good for it’s launch.

So what’s the temperature out there on the ATRIX? If you are an AT&T Customer and on the fence with the Captivate, does this put you in a holding pattern until March?

Here are the specs:

  • NVIDIA® Tegra™ – the world’s most advanced mobile processor featuring dual core technology including 3D graphics
  • QHD display – 24-bit color graphics that refresh faster than other smartphones
  • Pocket or dock it – experience connected computing no matter where you are with MOTOROLA Laptop Dock and HD Multimedia Dock
  • High performance 1 GB RAM – up to 48 GB available memory for quick access to thousands of songs, photos, and files
  • Advanced fingerprint recognition reader keeps everything secure – only you can access what’s on your device
  • Android™ 2.2 operating system with access to thousands of apps in Android Market
  • Voice quality is clear even in loud environments thanks to two-microphone noise reduction technology
  • Front-facing VGA video camera
  • Long-lasting 1930 mAh battery

[via engadget]


  1. Its going to be an interesting year seeing what hits the streets between now and October when my AT&T contract is up for renewal. Until then, I’ll just keep enjoying my HD2.

  2. @Ed D
    I completely agree. My cousin is an ATT store manager in Houston and he actually did a hands on with the ATRIX. He was completely blown away by it. Mind you, he is an Iphone homer, but he’s considering doing away with his Iphone and getting the ATRIX. I too have an Telstra HD2, but this phone is far and beyond what anyone has seen so far…I can’t wait!

  3. Negative on WP7. I really don’t have an interest until its a fully operational build. Nor have I tried a NAND Android yet. I like being able to switch os’s several times a day at will. Sadly it looks like development on SD builds is slowing to a halt.

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