PocketNow got their hands on AT&T’s roadmap and just take a look:

OK so both Mango devices are 8mp cameras and have slightly larger batteries than the Focus (which is 1500mAh) and they’re the same HSDPA class as the Focus. So it’s a slight bump but of course we’re still waiting to hear core specs like CPU and if there’s streaming to tvs, etc. On the Android side you have the Galaxy S II and the Samsung i927 is a slider. The Motorola is like the Atrix and of course some random Pantech and Huawei devices just to throw more Android’s on the shelf to confuse you. Of course, there’s still the iPhone 5, Xperia Play and Samsung Habrok. So we know this list isn’t exclusive.

Interesting to see the number of BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices are equal. Show you a bit of where the trends are heading. So, excited? Wish there was more Q3 up there?


  1. I don’t see the Sony S 2. Thought we saw last month it was coming to At+t this year. Does one of those Windows Phones have a 5″ screen? Do any of them? Not very happy right now. Only 6 months left for me to wait. Damn, I am soo picky! Give me some good news. (I know, you are trying) Peace

  2. LOL, getting my next Windows Phone off contract. I’ve been saving up since I saw Mango demo’d at MWC. I’d rather pay up front for what I want than deal with the carrier nonsense.

  3. Hmmm…. no mention of the HTC Holiday on that list :-( . Does anyone know what the HSDPA Category codes mean? Is 14 LTE??

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