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Barnstormer- Shaun the Sheep Game Available for Windows Phones Thanks to Nokia

There’s a new game in the Windows Phone Marketplace called Barnstormer that features Shaun the Sheep and it’s from the group behind Shaun the Sheep (so no ripoff or anything). It’s a fun game where you need to get the sheep to the end of the board but the interesting part is that Nokia seems to have stepped in here. This is their press release which includes words from Nokia and clear tie-ins (emphasis mine for our ADD readers out there):

Aardman Digital today announces that it has partnered with Nokia to develop the first Shaun the Sheep mobile game for users of Windows phones like the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710, which launches this month for 79p.

Barnstormer is a fast and furious run and jump game featuring the much-loved Aardman character Shaun the Sheep. Players race Shaun across farmyard themed tracks, littered with obstacles, against the clock. The game features a variety of jumps, boosts and power-jumps to increase speed, dodge mud, clear high stacks of hay bales and land on trampolines.

Lorna Probert, Head of Aardman Digital comments, “This alliance with Nokia to produce Shaun the Sheep’s first mobile game on the Windows marketplace is an obvious next step for the brand given its successful track record in the digital world. Barnstormer will be a great way for fans to interact with the brand on-the-go and we’re confident it will be a hit with consumers of all ages.”

Keith Varty, Head of Content and Developer Marketing, Nokia Western Europe said “Barnstormer by Aardman is a great example of the household favourites, such as Shaun the Sheep, joining the World’s fastest growing app store. It reinforces Nokia’s commitment to bringing amazing new content to the Marketplace, and is sure to be fun for Nokia Lumia owners of all ages.”

We’ve heard that Microsoft had been stepping up to ensure that top apps were getting ported to Windows Phones and now we can see Nokia is getting involves similarly and partnering with developers to get games in. by the way, I’m presuming that their ‘alliance’ consists of money or some form of sales guarantee or advertising of some nature.

Anyway, to the game itself:

It’s shear madness down on the farm in this fast and frenzied dash across the barnyard! Help Shaun to sprint through each race as quickly as possible, unlocking levels as you go, but be careful to avoid the obstacles if you want to be top of the flock.

Looks fun. It’s just $.99 but there’s no trial.

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