apps Ok, I have never bought an app or game before. I have always been cheap. What I am asking for is for you guys to suggest your favorite app/game to me. I care less about the price and more about the quality of the app. I will only be buying one so I can just dip my toe into the water. Also, I want to know how many other people are out there that really do not like paying for apps/games? I understand the hard work a dev has to do to make an app or game so I also want this to benefit a hard working dev (might be only a few bucks for the app, but it makes me feel good about it). Oh, and to be more specific I have the Samsung Focus WP7. Thanks guys.


  1. I haven’t bought any app, yet, because Zune marketplace only supports credit card for app payment… and I don’t have one.

  2. Hmm. That stinks, I would go get one, but never use it until necessary. I just use my checking account card for everyting. It says visa on it so I can pretty much use it anywhere.

  3. Well, I tried Fruit Ninjas and I HAD to buy it. It was just too much fun not to buy the full version. And I have the option (if you buy it from the phone at least) to charge to my credit card or put on my wireless bill when I buy apps. I do the card since I don’t think my work would appreciate the extra charges for the games I’m buying. :)

  4. I have got CRAP LOADS of purchased Apps from the App Store. Even Cydia has gotten into my credit card. I even bought my Kids iTunes gift cards with their iPods they got for Christmas.

  5. I’ve bought Logico Budget, Fruit Ninja, 100Pushups, CarneyVale, Microsoft Chest: Logic Games, Max & The Magic Marker, Uno, Impossible Shoota, AlphaJax, Hush Hush, iKamasutra.

    Out of these the ones I highly recommend is Max & The Magic Marker, AlphaJax. The others are pretty good but I am having an issue with Logico Budget app that I need to contact the dev about.

  6. @KCMatt: Think it’s got to do with how you initially setup your account. I know it asked me at some point; CC or AT&T bill. But you should be able to go to Zune Desktop>Settings>Account>Personal Info>Add CC or My Account, to add a Credit or Debit card. Zune pops out an invoice via email every few days with charges.

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