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AT&T Promoting Apathy At The Workplace

There is no doubt that smart phones have greatly aided us to be more efficient at our jobs. No one knows this more than me. I use my AT&T iPhone 5 daily to conference with my International clients and respond to emails in the evening hours because of the time difference. With my exchange email account I can reply back at all times of the night. It is part of the job. I use Skype for voice calls to save lots of money, the camera and a VERY handy little app called My Measures that allows me to take pictures of our products and add measurements to them to interact with our engineers. So we are all good with the idea of a smart phone being pretty handy right?

Of course smart phones can be a major distraction as well. Everyone knows this as well as a lot of employers that ban or prohibit personal cell phones during work hours. So why would AT&T promoting apathy at the workplace? Check out this ad I just saw on Facebook:

AT&T is suggesting that if you are in a long conference call on company time that you should take advantage of not being directly involved or noticed by colleagues on the other side of the call to screw off and play Words with Friends. I think AT&T has a lot bigger problems than promoting this sort of thing and should concentrate on their network issues for starters. Drop a comment and let us know what you think. Is this responsible for AT&T to promote?

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