If you are out shopping and want to upgrade a few members of your family to an iPhone, check out the deal at Best Buy today in store only 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Buy one iPhone 4 32 GB version and get one free. The iPhone 4 with two year contract will run you $199.99 and you drive home with one for free.

Remember, this is the iPhone 4, so you will have to live with out Siri and a really nice camera upgrade. The A5 processor is in the 4S version, but after using my iPhone 4 32GB for a year, I could not trip up the A4 processor at anytime, so don’t worry too much about that one. Great phone for a good deal. You got to go to your Best Buy to get in on it though so stop buy Best Buy!



  1. “so stop buy Best Buy!”

    Unless that was some sort of spelling pun attempt you misspelled by. Been a day and you didn’t correct it.

    And why the exclamation marks? What’s it to you that you want to drum up enthusiasm with exclamation marks to get me to go to Best Buy to buy some old phone?

    I get that you like people buying things. Me too. For different reasons maybe, maybe not, but I suggest writing something with more tempered enthusiasm, as if you think it’s kind of a good deal but you aren’t begging readers to go to Best Buy, you know, whatever, good deal on some phone I suppose… that would be a much more convincing pitch than this … stuff.

    Classic Smith right here.

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