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Best Tech Support Ever

iPad this…iPad that. See, whenever MS has an issue it’s headline news that gets mocked and jeered. Well, it’ turns out the iPad has a serious wifi problem and Apple is really stepping up the tech support:) Michael Arrington of TechCrunch notes “The device works fine near the router, but on the other side of the house, nada. But my Macbook pro and my Nexus One and other various devices I’ve brought into the house pick up wifi just fine in that area…My understanding of Wifi issues on devices, particularly cramped devices like the Macbook Air and iPad, is that it’s usually a hardware/design issue and something that can’t be fixed via a software patch.” The point is, if someone who is tech savvy can’t get wifi to work, you can imagine what happens to laymen…and even worse, people who can’t even be trusted to change a battery. Well there are over 1,000 messages in the Apple iPad forums about wifi issues.  So what does Apple suggest to fix these problems?

Here’s what the iPad wifi Trouble Shooting Page suggest to resolve the problem:

Move closer to the Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

If you are using a personal Wi-Fi network, verify the Wi-Fi router is connected to power and turned on.

Really? You think they didn’t think of that? Really? But they come back to it a second time

Move closer to the Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

Ok so the thing is on and you’re standing a foot away…maybe there’s another issue

Check for any sources of potential interference.

What can cause interference? They list Microwave ovens (yup, those iPad users are making popcorn 24/7 and that’s the issue) and some building materials including “bulletproof glass” which I’m sure we’re all surrounded by.

But here it is – the best solution they have to solve the wifi issue:

Hold the power button until "slide to power off" appears. Slide to power off your device. When it is off, press the power button to turn it back on.

So if all else fails, soft reset…that’s Apple’s advice. Begin mocking…now!