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New iOS Game: Eat a Fly

“Will you step into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly. In Eat the Fly, I think the object is obvious here, you eat flies and you play a spider. You use the accelerometer on your device to control the spider and the game produces random levels so you’ll never paly the same game twice really. No it’s not a free game, price is 99 cents and it’s available now.



Hopgap has released the Eat a Fly iPhone casual game. Eat a Fly is an action-fantasy game that creates a unique artistic experience for the players. The most notable game character is the ultra-realistic spider that becomes live in the hands of the player. The game utilizes iPhone’s hardware accelerometer device to power the natural user experience for the players.

Eat a Fly was developed for Apple iOS operating system and is live on Apple AppStore since Sept. 27th. Hopgap plans to continue the development and expand the game into a successful series of casual games extending to additional device markets.

Recently published statistics by Geekaphone, present a bright future for the mobile gaming market. The mobile Gaming Industry will make $8 Billion this year and will reach $54 Billion by 2015. Last year game developers made $87 million off advertising revenue. By 2015, this figure should be 10X that amount at roughly $894 million. Geekaphone also estimates that the free version of Angry Birds earns $1 million a month solely from ads and was downloaded 140 million times.

One of the growing trends in the mobile video games is software given away for free with revenues coming from ads, additional future charges, in-game purchases and only allowing user to use an app for a limited time period.

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