I must admit that I had a difficult time coming up with some pithy angle to this app (the other contributors are a tough act to follow). It’s not cute or fun, but it is really practical. So I’m going to go with the straight-faced, utilitarian approach to introducing you to this app (this post gives me a rest from having to be hilarious all of the time).

With that said, let me introduce you to EmailTriage, from Dale Lane, a plugin for your Outlook that, according to Dale helps “triage the emails. The application adds a context menu to emails that lets you create a new To Do item in Outlook Tasks, or a new diary entry in Outlook Calendar.

So if someone sends you an email asking you to do something, with one tap you can create a new To Do list item, pre-filling it with information from the email.

And if someone sends you an email about an event or meeting you need to go to, with one tap you can create a new Calendar item, prefilling it with information from the email.”

I’ve tried it out and it delivers the goods. One of those apps that is so simple, yet so useful.

Gosh, not being funny is a real challenge!

via 1800PocketPC


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he ha ha…

    I’ll give it a try.

    clown hat, curly hair, smile <@:)

  2. I have 6.5 and saw Follow Up, but it just offers a menu of options that includes Set Flag, Complete Flag, Clear Flag (all grayed out). What does it do?

  3. one of two things….these settings might be reserved for exchange users. So if you know someone who is using 6.5 and an exchange server, ask them to test and see if the options are still grayed out.

    or, the feature is not fully compete as yet. which is possible.

    the flagging feature simply takes the email and create it into a task or to-do. It kind of a reminder to read the email later. Or, sometimes i use it to create a task and have an email as reference.

  4. I have the Touch Pro 2 setup to an exchange server, the follow up flags are grayed out still… :(
    I landed on this page from a Google search looking for a solution to this because I like setting up follow ups.

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