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Any Golfers Here?

I’m keeping with the sports theme for the weekend cause the weather is really getting great. And I figured we’d move from running and biking to golfing. I don’t golf much (PETA came after me last time I played because they thought I was aiming for squirrels but I was seriously trying to hit straight;)) so I’m going to borrower liberally from a thread in our forums started by Toressa. There are two apps that both seem pretty helpful for golfers (and they’re pretty similar).

The first is Free Caddie and as the name suggest it is free. With it, your phones GPS will tell you the distance from your current location to the front, center and back of the greens as well as measure the distance of your shot. For $30 you can upgrade to the Pro version that lets you mark more items (like bunkers), keeps track of the score and lets you remotely download and edit courses so that the courses on your phone are accurate. 

The second is Guden Soft Golf GPS which similarly tracks the exact yardage to front, middle and back of the green and is free. It also tells you how good of a GPS signal you have. They have over 700 golf courses in their inventory and they’re always adding to it and you can add to courses by using your PC and Google Maps.  The XDA thread for this app is located here.

Both apps have a lot of courses in their inventory and have a course creator so that you can add any course that they lack. So in the end, these are pretty similar apps so it may just come down to which one already has the course you’re looking to play at just to save you time. Also, it seems like since the courses are downloaded onto your phone that you may not need to access data while on the course and you’ll just need GPS to place you relative to the prepared map. If you’re GPS can connect quickly you may even consider turning the GPS off when you’re not using it. If you have any thoughts on which app is better feel free to contribute to the ongoing conversation in our forums and try not to be a shankapotamus like me;)

UPDATE: If you’re looking for a free scoarecard app then check out Smart Golf Scorecard which is not only free but linked to a website so you can share and compare your score.