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Beware, dunderheads are on the road behind the wheel

Recently I am noticing a lot of people who are not teens anymore behind the wheels and checking their texts, Facebook or tweeting behind the wheels. Yes, they are on the busiest roads and highways. Yesterday, on I64 one guy was busy with a phone in his left hand and eyes on that, texting or reading his Facebook messages or something only God knows, and he almost crashed on to the divider, and today morning one woman who must be in early thirties texting while driving and the condition or road is totally foggy and visibility was less than a block. She was busy texting and driving. And it was a rush hour. I wanted to take pictures of them, but I was also behind the wheel, and restrained myself from doing so. May be I should start a website and post details of these dunderheads, where I encountered them, their car type, and other details. I don’t know whether they would really realize the mistake they are doing before taking out some innocent life or not. I don’t encourage eating while driving and always avoid drinking coffee or tea or any type of soda to the bottoms up while driving, and this crosses those events. Guys/Gals, if you are behind wheel, focus on road, not on your gadget, food, makeup, reading or anything that distracts you. If you need to, either stop, or move over please.


What do you think?