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‘Yontoo’ adware Trojan for Mac OS runs wild! Apple LIED!

I’m going to go ahead and stop calling this thing a trojan, I will now call it what it is, a virus. Why you ask? Back in Windows XP days, Apple and their brilliance lead the people away from logic, away from the differences between Trojans, viruses and even malware, so how about I return the favor. Add this latest virus to the list of unstoppable attacks on the by and large untrained Mac community. This virus disguises itself as a video play, a plugin and a few other thing, more details on that dr.web.

Please, if you can, lend me a hand here. I am unable to understand what is going on, seeing as how Macs were marketed with great precision to be completely secure and superior to PCs in this genre, I am confused. Now you’re telling me they’re catching viruses quicker than they’re catching innovation? This is strange. What really gets me going, is how many “How to” articles are popping up on the web to remove this latest virus. I don’t get it, if they’re hit by a virus they can “remove” and they have no idea how to remove it, what happens when the script kiddies really apply some effort make things super difficult to remove? Why not just run a virus scan and remove the thing?

Wait, I forgot, Macs were marketed with great precision and do not need virus scanning programs, therefore, there is no scan to run. But wait, had they had a virus program in the first place, they’d be okay! But wait, they said they didn’t need one! I’m confused, can anyone jump in here? Am I missing something? Are Macs not what Apple said they were?


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