I have to admit I enjoy Google Doodle and looking at the Bing homepage for some interesting information and great photography from Bing. Today, is not so nice. IT’s Halloween and someone needs to be the winner of Google Doodle Bing SmackDown! I’m not going to ruin the experience for anyone and invite you to be the judge yourself and drop us a comment! My pick will be in the comments already. But here is a quick preview and then click on the picture to head over and try it yourself!










  1. Bing is the winner for me! They nailed it and had much better graphics and sound effects. Links to very scary movies plus the use of the Psycho Shower Scene clinched it! Google Doodle seemed targeted for 5-7 year olds.

  2. I like Google’s Doodle but for my personal enjoyment Bing is the winner. When you think of Halloween you think of scary and fright. The sound effects are there, the mystery and the required feel are all there for Bing.

  3. Is anyone else haviong a prob using Bing today? I enter a search term and it does nothing, just sits there thinking. & it does this across two diff. computers in my house.

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