RIM stock fell 0.82 points to close the day at $13.48, and it’s coming dangerously close to matching their 52-week low of $12.45. To put in perspective how far their stock has fallen over the year, their 52-week high was once at $48.65. This recent slide of 5.73-percent is small in comparison, but it comes at a rather intriguing time for the company.

With the BlackBerry World conference having just kicked off, the world was finally treated to a preview for the oft-delayed BlackBerry 10. We got to see things like the caller screen, keyboard, homescreen, camera and more. While there were certainly a few things to be excited about, the preview didn’t exactly astound, but we only saw a limited preview of some of the features and OS in action. Until we get a broader preview along with some actual time in person with the OS, it’s tough to take any sort of definitive stance.

RIM will be fighting against the tide having come so late to the party. BlackBerry 10 is still months away from launch, and they continue to lose market share with each passing month. With major updates expected out of the top mobile players even before the launch of BlackBerry 10, perhaps the investors just saw the writing on the wall.

Everyone likes a comeback story, so let’s hope RIM has a few tricks up their sleeve for BlackBerry 10.

[via Yahoo Finance]


  1. To put RIM’s launch plans in perspective they will be releasing BlackBerry 10, who most everyone has developed a healthy disdain for, at the same time Apple will be launching the new iPhone complete with iOS6, Android should have its next upgrade out and Windows Phone 8 devices will be hitting the market.

    This doesn’t even take into account the deficit they face in terms of apps and ecosystem. The corporate world has turned to BYOD environment and RIM’s development of the Mobile Fusion makes it possible for businesses to not need BlackBerry’s for device management.

    Its time for RIM to think about licensing BBM and call it a day.

  2. @Murani
    Yeah, awful timing with the release. Coming out after major updates to Android, iOS and Windows Phone doesn’t bode well for them.

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