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NeverWet coatings let your device survive up to thirty minutes underwater!

All smart phones share a common enemy, water. We have all had it happen to us, or someone we know. My wife dropped her phone in the lake and it died even after quickly grabbing it out. There are even toilet “incidents” that have caused the untimely demise of  demise of a device or two. Actually, some studies suggest that 19% of people drop their cell phone in a toilet. If you are constantly around water with your device and do not like to lock your device up in one of those bulky waterproof cases, then check out NeverWet by Ross Nanotechnology.

All you have to do is spray on NeverWet and wipe off the excess. That’s it. They claim to be able to make an iPhone survive over thirty minutes submerged in water. Definitely great news for us, bad news for all the wireless carriers that no doubt make a fortune from the unfortunate effects of water damage.