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Blackberry Application Suite Is Alive

Just to avoid any confusion – we’re talking about the full Blackberry Application Suite here and not just BES emails. The difference is BES emails are just that – a way to get emails using a Blackberry Enterprise Server instead of Activesync. The Blackberry Application Suite is the entire Blackberry OS running virtually within Windows Mobile. So you’re phone becomes a BB. I know – really no reason to downgrade at all but you do get the ability to BBM (use Blackberry Messenger which is their IM/text thingy that BB users love for some odd reason). Well we haven’t really heard about this in a year but it seems to have made its way to XDA.  After checking out this post I decided to try it out on my Fuze…and it works. Well sort of. It will get to the registration screen but that’s where it ends…It is in VGA (for me, presumably WVGA on a TP2) and the touchscreen works and when I slide out the keyboard the screen does rotate.

BB keyboard BB Settings Fuze with BB BB Connect Screen

Well there’s where I am but the project seems to be advancing and mrhazardouz is further along than I am:

so far the keyboard is working… the touch screen works but you have to double tap.. got my pin.. just need an enterprise account to activate.. im currently waiting for tmobile us to switch over my internet service from bis to bes.. seems that you have to activate it on a bes account to fully access it..
i have an unread message.. can only assume its the registration for the wireless network.. the calls still come in.. it switches over to windows to handle the calls.. and also has the option of running at startup… you can also have it handle your mms’… you have to disable touchflo or sense to run it.. umm that’s pretty much it.. will keep you all posted.. been up all night buying a domain and hosted exchange service..
if anyone has access to make me an enterprise account on their server, it would be much appreciated! or if anyone can find out how to use it with bis.. that would be much appreciated as well!! once again thank you in advance!

Just an FYI I do not have to double tap on my Fuze. And unlike Android it does not disable WM – it runs an app within WM that you can exit. It seems to work on Touch pros and Touch Pro 2’s. Why post about this? To get more attention and maybe a few more people can jump on and get BB on our phones. Why? Cause we need to be able to tri-boot between WM-Android-BB…that’s why!:) OK, I want to show BB users that I have a touchscreen BB in VGA and laugh at them a bit then exit to WM…and repeat:) So jump on over to XDA and help mrhazardous.