Andy Beaulieu is my hero. This guy just keeps producing sweet apps for WP7. Here’s another physics app. You take your boss and fling him to take out the zombies. Brilliant:) Take a look at it in action:

As you can see, in this version there are vehicles and the like. It’s just a demo cause he’s waiting to get a dev device (are you listening Brandon Watson?:)). Great stuff. More info can be found on his website here.


  1. um please make this for 6.5

    the only type of game were missing is one like ragdoll blaster and this looks perfect

  2. @brian – the dev is proficient in Silverlight and knows the ins and outs of Silverlights physics capabilities and has helped with its engine. Unfortunately silverlight isn’t coming to WM6.5 BUT you may want to consider going to his site on Skyfire. He does have the original Boss game (which is similar but lacking zombies:)) and since Skyfire does Silverlight you can play it on your phone…it’s not perfect, but it’s something.

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