So BP has their hole under control and the rumors from TheStreet are that Apple will follow suit to fill theirs and offer a ‘recall’ of the iPhone 4. This is like a car recall though – bring it to the shop to get it fixed sort of thing. Apparently they are going to place a piece of rubber inside of the phone to fill the gap and that will prevent the death grip from taking effect. OK so their issue isn’t as bad as BP’s but still – bad PR problems, it’s a mess and they need a plug asap. I don’t know how it works but I would think your finger can still bridge the gap on the outside and cause a death grip but I don’t know how this stuff works – I should just work for Apple;)

We’ll learn the answers in just a few hours but do you guys think that they have a hardware solution up their sleeves? 


  1. i’m thinking the bumpers were made because crApple knew this could be an issue before the release, but they didn’t want to unveil a phone with a stupid rubber band around it. so now that it has become a bigger problem than they had hoped, they will give away a free bumper to all those who want it.

    i mean think about it – when you buy a third party case or cover, it is designed to protect the phone. how much protection do those bumpers offer? none. they were designed to prevent the death grip.

  2. …and they *still* won’t just man up and admit it’s a design issue that they didn’t properly do user testing on it. (ohmygoditcantbeourfault)

  3. David K, u shuld go undercover and work for apple and report back haha. that would prove interesting lol

  4. grommet, sillicon plugs, rubber gasket, iphone… the “ads by google” at the top of the article, i found it fitting

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