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Do you want "anyone" to be able to use your phone?

cartoon So I woke up today feeling a little cynical and coupled with Simmon’s article about the "mom-readiness" of Android gave me an idea.  Do I want just anyone or their mother to be able to pick up my phone and have it put out like a cheap whore?  Now I know there are lock screens and all that for the privacy seeking individual but what I’m talking about is the whole fact that it’s not just an open book of ease of use.  When I see someone running a WinMo phone now I pretty much know I can go over to them and have a half way intelligent conversation about electronics and our telephone operating system of choice.  It was like a club of smart phone savvy.  Now think about this for one second.  Have you ever had more than a two minute conversation with someone about their iPhone?  I don’t know about you readers, but it makes me want to punch them so hard their unborn children get brain damage.  This would probably work against me, however as said children would grow up to be some iPhone hucking idiot as well. 

Maybe I’m unique in that I talk to people that exist completely outside of the sphere of technological social influence at Best Buy on a 40 hour a week basis, but that 40 hours is my quota.  In a world where the technology and decisions we make are becoming a representation of our own personal outlooks on the world of mobile operating systems (especially with Net Neutrality getting so messy recently,) I’m not sure I want to hop on a bandwagon of any kind.  Maybe this is all heady intellectual nonsensical ravings of a very drowsy tech writer, but I like being the "other" category.  I like being the under dog.  Being able to take a device that makes no sense to 95% of the general public and then making it kick ass and do things that phones took another 3 or 4 years to duplicate is impressive to me.  It puts you in that "other" category no just because you don’t use the most popular mobile operating system, but because you’re an intelligent and determined enthusiast.  How would hardcore scale model builders feel if all of a sudden the manufacturers made all of them snap together five year old affairs?  They would lose that sense of elitism that came from years of dedication and a thorough understanding of techniques and a knowledge base that dwarfs others in its awesome shadow.  So back me up here guys.  I can’t be the only one that feels the community we’ve developed over the past decade with WinMo is one of the most cohesive and intelligent group of people using smart phones out there.  Drop me a line and let me know if I’m crazy…