When trying to play with the Mobile Marketplace today i kept getting an error and couldn’t figure out why but after poking around a little bit I found that I wasn’t the only one! And I’ve got a fix for you! Well, not me, but someone does! and that someone is Paul Smith! But I’m gonna share it!

One of the checks the Marketplace application seems to make us having a look at your version information. A lot of custom ROMs put thier own string in, which seems to be upsetting it. To check, open up your favourite registry editor and make your way to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Versions and change Aku to .5.3.00

And then soft reset and give it a go.

And you know what? it works perfectly! No more errors on loading up the marketplace anymore!

Source: Paul Smith’s Blog via Microsoft Support


  1. I am encountering the following error. I connect to the market place sign in with me windows credentials, identify an application that I want to install. Then when I click install I get the following error – your phone’s time information appears incorrect. Ensure the time and date in your phone’s settings are correct and try again.”

    I have looked for this error in other threads and not found, changing the time, time zones and marketplace region do not help.

  2. Can you please explain how to go to the registry to edit this information on HTC HD2?

    Many thanks.

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