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Be Silent! And Button It!

You’re heading into a meeting, a restaurant, or a lecture and you want to turn your phone to Vibrate Only mode so you don’t disturb anyone if you receive a call. So what do you do? Press the volume button to open the Volume screen and then press the Volume Down button multiply time until it arrive at Vibrate. What a hassle! Time and thumb energy wasted.

So what can you do? It’s simple. Press a pre-assigned button and, presto, your phone automatically switches to Vibrate Only mode (or back to Normal mode). What is this magic button, you ask. Well, it’s called VibraSwitch, a free app that’s as easy as it sounds. Just install and then map to any button on your phone. That’s it. Ready to go.

I’m running EnergyROM 3.0, so the expanded button map function enables me to map VibraSwitch anywhere…except where I want. I already have all of the buttons that the map function allows covered. So what to do? Here’s another nice app that’s been discussed here before: AEButtonsPlus. Yes, it costs about $7 (the only app I’ve ever paid for), but I’ve found it really useful because I was able to map VibraSwitch to my Volume Down button. The really neat thing about AEButtonsPlus is that you can map multiple apps to the same button with a variety of presses (single, double, triple, and long) and it offers buttons to map not found in the button map function in WM.

So you get a twofer in this post! Is this a great web site or what?