Who would have thought that Skype would be a point of contention to carriers who want to carry Windows Phones? It’s already available for the iPhone and Android, but carriers know that Windows Phones will have integration in the future and making it that easy to use is something Nokia says is a big issue with carriers. Elop is noted admitting that the “Skype issue has resulted in some carriers actually refusing to carry Lumia.” This is of course a gift and a curse and something I presume is likely going to result in users paying a fee to use Skype on their phones or count against minutes or some other method that will leave the end user screwed…

via Business Insider


  1. I think its total crap. For one, Google doesn’t negotiate with carriers on behalf of all Android OEMs. That means that no other OEM has had any issues with Skype at all.

    Second thing is that some carriers might have refused the Lumia for Skype but its a very small percentage of carriers as it doesn’t jive with the reality that everyone else gets no issues from carriers concerning Skype.

    Lastly, carriers (U.S.) are gearing up to heavily support and push Windows Phones. Microsoft is the most carrier friendly OS maker there is. Google could care less about anytihng and Apple will strong arm you into submission.

    Recently there has been alot of hubbub about stock slippage and failure of lines when the truth is that Nokia admitted marketing mistakes and yes the Lumia 800 is beautiful but releasing that thing without a FFC was a bad decision. If it had the FFC i’m pretty confident in saying it would be selling way better.

  2. I agree with @Jim Szymanski, the future is “carrier free”, if I’m not mistaken Mexico has a “carrier free” system, or at least something that closely resembles that and they are considered a third world economy, or am I wrong? Why can’t the U.S. stay ahead in the game like they did back then in the post WWII era?

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