Betasphere HR 800 Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker Review

Today for reviews I’ve got a Bluetooth speaker called the Betasphere HR 800 and it looks similar to other speaker on the market today. The speaker was provided by My Trendy Phone for review and overall [...]

Wicked Audio EVAC Headphones Review

Up for review today I’ve got an inexpensive set of headphones from Wicked Audio called the EVAC. These are just regular stereo headphones, there’s no microphone, these are just for listening to music but it has [...]

Review of Universal 4-in-1 Starter Kit for 10" Tablets

Tablets are great but they don’t come with cases or anything really, at least most of them. When you get a tablet you need things, especially a case and GearZap has sent me over their Universal [...]

Review of Fabrix Pop Toons 10.1" Case for Tablets

I just turned 42 years old the other day and, even though I’m rather old, I still like toys and gadgets and things that might be considered ‘childish’. I don’t see anything wrong with that, some [...]

No PuTTY? No Problem!

Jobs are great and all, they keep you busy, keep your wife happy and pay the bills, but at what cost brother, at what cost? The cost, of course, is that at these so-called jobs we [...]

Totes Mens SmarTouch Gloves Review

I guess it all depends where you are in the world or country right now, but I know here in Pittsburgh it’s been cold, very cold, down way below zero some days and you need gloves [...]

Goodbye Intrade, Hello Predictious

So, The Man shut down Intrade, a site where you could buy and sell contracts that would pay if various events, mainly political, happened. For example you could buy or sell a contract for, say, $4.25 [...]

Review: To-Do Prime for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

I had a few hours to kill on Tuesday night before the big ball dropped in Times Square (been there live a few times-nothing like it-everyone should do it once), so with Lumia 1020 and Acer [...]

Cute Smile Minions Design Silicone Case for iPhone 5 Review

For today’s review we will be looking at a novelty iPhone 5 case. If you have seen either of the Despicable Me films then you should recognize the comedic stars of those films – the yellow [...]

TPU Soft Durable Case for iPhone 5C Review

I am sure you have all heard the saying about the glass being half full or half empty to describe a person’s outlook on things. If you are a half full person you generally look at [...]