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Mechanical Bliss: Das Keyboard

Hey pal. Buy yourself a mechanical keyboard. I suggest Das Keyboard, no question.

Backstory: My dinky Logitech was getting cruddy beyond anything the finest dust guns and tungsten carbide paper clips could salvage. I figured it was time to get a new and decent keyboard for my blogging career dreams. Gotta spend money to make money, right?

Turns out they still sell mechanical keyboards, keyboards that have the same click action and feel of those from when we were kids. Not just for nostalgia, but because people believe they are superior to what we’ve been using. Maybe they’re right. Activate impulse buy mode!

They ain’t cheap, but I found enough articles swearing by them, so I figured okay and I bought this badboy, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional, a no-frills keyboard without the silly backlights and “gaming” features, just a few media keys and a volume knob and a mute button for … shall we say, emergency purposes. It’s not even wireless. Not wireless? That’s crazy! But is greater security and lower latency crazy, buddy?

Though it’s louder, typing is definitely easier, more comfortable, I can type faster and more accurately. The louder mechanical action makes me feel as if I were typing with authority. Maybe that’s why this article had enough finesse to lure you to the end, because it was typed with an elite keyboard that, like a retrofitted B-52, uses old, but tried and true, technology.
Doug Simmons