I spilled my guts about my Nexus toilet incident and rather than make fun of me, you all rushed to comfort me, including my main man Hotmail Alias, who spun some gold that deserves its own post – screenshot as a png for posterity. What a sweetheart.


  1. Ahem…. I mean, erm, thanks! Who would have thought a write-up on shit could move you so much. **dabs corner of eyes**

    So which WP 7 or 7.5 are you buying?

  2. I was hoping that in exchange for handing you the prestigious comment of the week award, the first one in history to be an enhanced screenshot with both alt and title text of the comment for SEO purposes, you’d stop pressuring me to go WP.

  3. I even linked your name to a search that included oldschool Boolean operators and faded up the <3 with a sort of red to purple gradient. Not to mention the mirror effect. Well I already mentioned that actually.

    WP, huh.. this is going to take a lot of soul searching.

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