dragon_flies_staying_connected-2902It’s surprising that even though Smartphones and other mobile devices have become increasingly popular, many still are going throughout their day without utilizing that technology. Some use basic plans without data, others choose to stick with prepaid phones, and some don’t even use mobile technology. There is a portion of the population that doesn’t like how interconnected the world has become, but the majority of people argue that it’s because data plans are far too costly. At first, that seems to be true, but if you look at all the savings you can get, it’s far more cost effective to connect with mobile technology and streamline your life.

The majority of the business world is based on small businesses. In media, we constantly see big companies and news about high-powered executives, but the larger part of the business world is made up of small businesses that employ a large part of the workforce and keep the economy going. Staying connected is so important because it allows you the chance to extend the range of your home or office. You can network from practically anywhere and be a one-person company. There’s tons of software and apps that can help you balance spreadsheets, make orders, and keep track of clients.

Even if you’re not connected to the web, you can still remained connected to local hotspots and still run your business. You can pretty much run an office from the comfort of your mobile device. Through the power of apps, you can share folders, connect to printers, and tap into networks while you’re on the go. Often times, with small business owners, a mobile phone is the lifeline of their business and keeps all of their contacts. If you’re sticking with the old paper system, you’re definitely putting yourself at a disadvantage.

If you’re a business owner or working professional, it’s becoming more and more important to stay connected. It’s so essential today that people become more competitive in the business world, and getting “connectified” is the best way to remain at the top of your game in an increasingly fast-paced world.

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Vanessa Burke


  1. It’s my pleasure, Doug!

    Also, I agree about always being glued to the screen. I wish I could say that I’ve never been jolted out of smartphone time by walking into something and embarrassing myself in public, but it’s quite nice to only have one screen to look at. I never have to take my eyes of my 3″ x 5″ slice of heavenly productivity.

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