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KIN One Reviewed

TestFreaks did it again. No, it’s not another review of the KIN  One by some fanboy or someone who thinks only smartphones are real phones. This review is great because it’s real. It looks the at the device for what it was intended to do and judges it fairly while remembering the intended target. I think the intro is spot on:

Is it all that? Yes and No honestly, overall I like it, but it’s far from perfect, it has many issues that need to be addressed. The phone overall is unique, it’s a very social centric phone, but being a social phone I would have to ask why there isn’t an IM client built-in or a calendar. I found the camera to be lacking quite a bit, I expected a bit more from a 5MP camera, but it’s not that good really.

It’s also noted that the battery was surprisingly robust and could go ‘a couple of days’ before needing to be recharged which is exceptional for a phone with so much social connectivity.  And remember this is a $50 phone (of course, plus a hefty data plan). If you’re interested in the KIN One you should head over to Test Freaks and read their review.