imageMan I seriously thought it was just me, but apparently I’m not alone as Alan Mendelevich has the same issue. I have a tile for my wife on my homescreen so I can contact her quickly. Today, there’s just an empty space where her tile used to sit and this isn’t the first time it’s happened. I don’t have a Facebook linking issue though. On the other hand, I have caught all of my emails resyncing. I’ll hear a bunch of new email dings and it turns out it’s old messages that I’ve left unread flooding my inbox as they all resync.

Anyone else seeing any of these issues?


  1. I have the same problem with contacts becoming unpinned from the home screen. They become unlinked in “contacts” as well.

  2. Haven’t noticed anything about the missing contacts, but I don’t use those. I have definitely noticed a complete re-sync of all e-mail messages. I haven’t had the Windows Live unlink problem, either. Just re-downloading e-mails.

  3. Same here. It’s happened to me twice — once several weeks ago and again today. But my wife’s WP7 still has her contacts intact on the home page.

    Very weird.

  4. Same here all my contacts disappeared along with my recent calls screen tiles. Then it resynced with windows live and was back sans the recent calls. Happened twice only in the last week though.

  5. Yeah, I have this issue as well as the contacts unlinking with facebook and Windows LIVE, FRUSTRATING! needs a fix soon!

  6. I had the same problem starting on Thursday night. 3 of my contacts disappeared off of my home screen, ironically, one remained. Then today i noticed my call history names were wiped out, only the numbers remained. The contacts are under my people hub still though. Not sure what’s going on. First time this happened.

  7. I have the same problem with contact tiles disapearing und from time to time i have to re-link my hotmail messenger contacts.

  8. yes, I had this happen to me today. My wife and my kids contacts disappeared and my wife’s contacts were unlinked.

  9. Happened to my wife today and previously. Never happened to me. Only difference is I’m using Exchange and she’s using Live/Hotmail.

  10. Same here, first time yesterday! contacts removed from home and call history no longer linked to contacts…

  11. Just noticed that it happened to me too.

    Contacts unlinked, and some names dissapeared from the call list… numbers remained though.

    The one contact I had pinned dissappeared too.

  12. Same thing here too, one contact simply disappeared from the live tiles list…
    When I checked for it, the linking between live and facebook profiles was broken, I had to set it again, and pin the contact back

  13. I woke up one morning to all my family and friends tiles blanked on the home screen. Got em back ok but still odd.

  14. I had something similar but along the lines of contacts being unlinked and all the names disappeared from call list with only the numbers remaining.

  15. Same here. my wife’s tile was not there this morning, also here contact link with here facebook account was unlinked.
    In call history i see only numbers now, no name’s anymore. Only for calls made today i see the name again.

  16. I didn’t have problems with linked contacts or homescreen, but I (and several others on the MS WP7 forums) lost everything but the last name on all my contacts that were only in Live. Everything was clean online, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get them back on the phone without a hard reset, which I refuse to do to fix Microsoft’s problem. I’ve since moved all my contacts to Google only. Live has too many problems.

  17. Weird happened to me today too, this is the second time its happened. Sounds like its a syncing issue?

  18. My wife’s Focus has done this many times. The kids have taken the blame if they had been playing games. We have to readd the tile.

    My callerID info fell back to numbers only, no names, for a short amount of time. This was corrected on its own.

  19. YES! This happened to me last night with my pinned contacts whilst I was out with my friends at a pub!! I thought it was my mate who was having his first hands-on play with WP7 accidentally unpinning people!

    After spotting this post, I also checked for unlinking issues but haven’t found that as a problem (though the what’s new feeds per contact card has completely refreshed from new with no past data showing) but I have found that some of my Windows Live friends profile pics that *weren’t* properly syncing to their contact cards are now working as they should! :)

    Maybe the Windows Live team were doing some back-end improvements to make syncing more reliable than it currently was though they could’ve done so more discreetly :P

  20. i’ve had the email resynching happen to me but my contact tile for my wife has never gotten off my home screen unless i accidentally unpinned it.

  21. Heh… thought I was losing it as well… have had 1 contact disappear 2x… it is a number on my phone, not linked with facebook at all… the other number I have on the main page has not disappeared and that one IS linked with FB… weird… – Davis

  22. Ditto here. I have my husband on a live tile, and it was gone early last week. I haven’t checked for the linking issue, thought. I haven’t noticed, but I’ll check now. Though it was just a hiccup. phooey.

  23. This happened to somebody I know a few weeks ago and then two days ago it happened to me. the only thing I had changed was adding another tile which put me at an odd amount with a total of 25. very bizarre. it also reset my girlfriend’s picture to her windows live rather than facebook.

  24. I had a similar disappearing “wife” problem. Just after Valentine’s Day too!
    What are you playing at Microsoft, don’t you understand the implications of somebody’s other half thinking you have intentionally unpinned them! Thank God I noticed before she did ;)

  25. Yes, I definitely saw that issue on my Focus 7 over the weekend. I haven’t noticed it on my HD7 until now. The only app that I updated over the weekend and Network Profile by Samsung. My phone is not unlocked or homebrewed.

  26. I had an application (not a contact) disappear from my Home Screen about a week ago. Thought it was odd, but I’ve re-pinned it and everything has been fine ever since.

  27. ok i thought this was just a freak occurence or me possibly doing it while messing with my phone half sleep. i had my wifes tile be removed, it was the only one i had pinned, also some of my contacts became unlinked. wtf is going on?

  28. It also happened to my father’s HD7. The contacts lost their names and pictures. Last night he updated several htc apps from marketplace and this morning the contacts were lost. Anyone knows how to solve it without reseting the phone?

  29. Too bad….It has happened with me also….i am facing almost all the issues mentioned above and I am not able to get the contacts back. I have checked in my hotmail account for the contacts. All contacts numbers are missing in hotmail as well.
    Provide me a fix…at the earliest…


  30. After reading this issue on other sites, and having the same problem myself, i have noticed that most people have experienced this twice, with the last time on the 20th of Feb.

    is it me or is this problem not necessarily the phone, but something to do with windows live and the way it handles contacts updates, only a guess.

  31. Just happened to me today. Happened to me perhaps twice before. What I noticed is the contacts that I lose off my main menu are ones that are linked to Google somehow. If it’s a pure Facebook link then it doesn’t disappear. Also it never occurred to me until I got the latest WP7 update 7390. Never occurred before then.

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