For all the hype, we’re now told that copy and paste is just a few months off for WP7 and, according to CNet who went hands on, it’s not as we were told:

Instead, it starts out taking advantage of the fact that, while not visible, the operating system does recognize individual words, something needed for the spell checker and text correction feature.

Copy and paste will work by letting a user click on a particular word and then expand or contract their text selection from there. A separate paste icon will appear allowing one to paste text, though the look is not yet final.

It seemed to work well, if not quite as elegantly as Apple has done on the iPhone.

I liked the old story we had better that had Kin like copy and paste…but I guess some is better than none.


  1. Gee, its only going to take a few more months to get Copy & Paste straight. Wonder how Microsoft did with Alerts & Alarms on WP7. They have been working on that one for ten years.

    Sorry for the dig, but I get frustrated reading about seeminging simple features/functions that are still in development while websites are ablaze with all kinds of new phone eye candy. If they can’t get the simple stuff worked out I start to worry.

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