imageThe deal with copy and paste has always been that there is no access to system wide copy and paste but developers can (within their own apps) implement a local clipboard. Second thing to remember is that devs can drop IE into any of their apps (like the browser+ app that gave tabs) so it looks like IE and is IE but technically you’re in a new app. Combine these two things and bam – you get copy and paste on Windows Phone. The app is called Visual Copy Paste Browser and Document and is available for $5 from Marketplace now. Here’s the description:

Copy and Paste in web pages, documents, and your private clipboard list of sentences, paragraphs and documents you have copied and pasted. Export a document of one, or all of your copied items. Paste into most web pages when it is too small to type out by hand. Save any complete webpage to your clipboard to read later. Watch your copied text floats by when you select it.


Very smart indeed…

There’s no trial for it and so far no reviews…so, who is going to be the first among us?


  1. I bought it and spent a whopping minute with it. Initial impressions give me a rating of: questionable at best.
    OK so the web loads within the app (feels slow to load). Default is to Google and I don’t see a way to change that. If you pull a web page it pulls the whole thing (I’ll give you a sample in a second). It does in fact work to send text/emails with what you snip. YOu need to watch the clipboard and manage it or else you send old stuff each time. One big problem – it doesn’t survive the lockscreen. So it has to resume and then you’re back to with a search for wp7 as the default. Ok so you send a clip, it resumes the app again…and puts you back to goog again (not the page you were at). So it’s not tombstoning properly and that makes you start all over. It also doesn’t appear to pull web guesses as you type (autocomplete) like IE does which isn’t a big deal if you didn’t have to keep typing them in.
    I tried to send it to a doc once and it launched IE and then said I lacked permission. I haven’t tried a second time.
    So it does work for some stuff but it needs to be refined a lot to make it mainstream. Here’s what it dumps if you pull a full website (no images get pulled so it’s not a screenshot):
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  2. Jeez, 5 bucks for that, lol? Sounds like major price-gouging. I guess they know the market will disappear with the first update from MS.

  3. Guess it’s $5 because once word gets around, nobody is going to buy it, at any price. Sucks that you have to pay to post a bad review in Marketplace. Thanks DavidK, I will be thinking of you when I have a cold one in my hand this weekend.

  4. @jimski: i think we (the people) give David way too much power. I for one will be spending my hard earned $5. and if this app sucks, i will be sure to bombard David with hate email and daily itunes store announcement.

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