Ok, this is ridiculous right now, I’ve got 41 tabs open with stuff to post. Something tells me I’m not posting it all today. The gorilla is back and he’s better than ever in his new and improved version. Gorilla glass 2 enables up to a 20 percent reduction in glass thickness, while maintaining the industry-leading damage resistance, toughness, and scratch resistance. So new Gorilla glass is here and it start showing up on our devices in the coming months.


Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables up to a 20 percent reduction in glass thickness, while maintaining the industry-leading damage resistance, toughness, and scratch resistance customers have come to expect from the world’s most widely deployed cover glass. The thinner Gorilla Glass 2 enables slimmer and sleeker devices, brighter images, and greater touch sensitivity. These benefits can provide electronics manufacturers with superior design flexibility as they address consumer demand for increasingly high-performing, touch-sensitive, and durable mobile devices.

“Corning Gorilla Glass has enjoyed tremendous market adoption in the high-growth mobile handset and computing device market, providing a replacement for plastic and legacy soda-lime glass as a protective cover and elegant design solution,” said James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Specialty Materials.

“We knew Corning Gorilla Glass could get even better. So, in response to our customers’ drive toward thinner form factors, we designed this new glass to enable meaningful reduction in thickness without sacrificing the outstanding glass performance for which Gorilla Glass has become highly recognized. This glass, along with Windows operating system innovations from Microsoft, will help deliver exceptional beauty, performance, and toughness for new Windows PCs. You will see this early this year with Windows-based PCs which we expect to be the first in-market laptops designed to leverage the performance of our new second-generation glass,” Steiner remarked.

"We’re very excited about the introduction of Corning’s thin, high-performing Gorilla Glass 2,” said Nick Parker, vice president, Worldwide OEM Marketing, Microsoft. “As Windows continues to bring new experiences to customers on new devices, we look to Corning to bring innovative, durable glass solutions that enable brighter images and greater touch sensitivity."

Product qualification and design implementation for Corning Gorilla Glass 2 are underway with Corning’s global customers, a number of whom are expected to unveil new devices using Corning Gorilla Glass 2 during the coming months.

First introduced in 2007, Corning Gorilla Glass set the industry standard for damage-resistant cover glass. Today it is the most widely deployed cover glass, used by more than 30 major brands and designed into more than 575 product models, spanning more than 500 million units worldwide.



  1. OK now for next year just make it so that it can resists hits on its edges and I’ll really be excited…

  2. Most of the answers are corrcet to fix it yourself without taking the sash out. Here is how you would do this:Measure the glass and purchase new. Exact measurements are critical. An older window will be single pane glass.Purchase glazing putty, a glazing tool and glazing points. (Points are small metal pins that hold the glass in place while you glaze it).With a putty knife, carefully remove the old glazing putty while dislodging the glass and removing it.Clean the area of all putty.Install the glass, making sure the glass fits squarley in the whole and evenly spaced on all four sides. You may have to install a temporary shim on the bottom for this.Install three points per side to hold the glass.Work and mold the putty into a 1/2 rope size and apply it to the edge until completely covering all four sides.Take the glazing tool and skim off the excess until the glazing is at a 45 degree angle.Clean the glass and it is done.However, your question was how to take the sash out to have someone else fix it. Here is how you do this:Remove the inside stop on both sides of the window. (The stop is a 1 x 2 or 1 x 1 piece of wood running up the inside of both sides that keeps the window secure).There is a trap door at the bottom of each side that you will see once you are able to pull the window out. This trap door houses two weights (Two on a double hung. One for a single hung). These weights have a rope attached that go up through the frame and out a pully at the top and then down to the window sash itself.Disconnect the rope from the sash. This is the tricky part. To do this, you must hold on to the rope so it doesn’t fly through the pully at the top because it has tension on it due to the weights tied to the other end. (If this happens, Open the trap door and pull the weight and the rope out, disconnect the rope and re-feed it through the pully and re-connect it to the weight).Tie a small block of wood to the end of the rope you just disconnected so it won’t go through the pully.Do the same for the other side and your sash is out.Reverse the order to re-install the sash.Good luck to you!

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