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Seems G+ Has Legs After All [Now Entertaining Invite Reqs!]

Remember that poll I did a while back about whether or not Google+ had legs? Well I forgot how you guys voted but, given the WP presence hereabouts, I’m guessing most of you were wrong as Google+ is doing better than anyone could possibly have expected. G+ has legs all right. And I’m talkin’ the kind that are really functional yet rather appealing, clean, no clutter and crap all over them, and part of a nice overall blonde package. You know?

Looking at some Bloomberg-Yougov survey (Yougov looks legit, despite sort of sounding Russian) of a thousand adults, got some interesting data out of them. So Google hit twenty million users within three weeks, something that took Facebook and Twitter months to do. Right now they’re closing in on thirty and have double digit penetration in the US. Though at 13% that’s the smallest of the top five, those surveyed reported being nine times more likely to join Google+ within a year versus Facebook, threefold versus Twitter. Ahh I’ll just post the table:

Ouch, Myspace.

Yougov reports that 30% of Facebook users who’ve started using G+ are cutting or intend to cut down on their Facebook use this year. Regarding engagement, 45% of Google+ users blaze it up daily, versus 62% of Facebook users, 8% LinkedIn, 6% Myspace and 42% Twitter.

Those in this survey on Google+ reported creating content a little more frequently than Twitter users (46%, 42% respectively). Three men for every two women on Google+ versus one man for every 1.2 women on Facebook, more likely to be single, younger and, and this one’s a little peculiar, 59% of Google+ users in the survey have a college degree versus 37% of Facebook respondents. haeY

By the way, no need to run AdBlock on Google+, they’re not running ads, which at least one guy speculates may not ever change with Google probably dramatically undercutting Facebook with their cut of games or whatever they do over there to monetize it at the expense of degrading user experience and making people a little more likely to taste what Google’s offering. Though I’ve never heard anyone say that Google+ will ever dethrone Facebook, certainly not anytime soon, I think it’s time for us to stop shrugging off Google+ as another Buzz / Orkut / Wave, don’t you? Damnit G+ obviously has legs!

Word on the street is that China’s blocking Google+, which I see as an indicator of a successful liftoff of the service. Not being blocked with Facebook being blocked, that would be kind of emasculating. Besides, the Chinese seem to be interested still in other things anyway.

Say, any word on that WP app yet?

Doug Simmons



I just figured out how to invite people, so if you want an invite, just bang out a comment (this time with your legit email but in the email field, not the body of the post in which you should say either something on topic or something like “Hey Simmons I like it when you put girly pictures in your articles because your taste is redoubtable” and I’ll hook you up with an invite. What that means exactly for our social networking relationship I don’t yet understand, but whatever, G+ baby, free invites.