Well this was not the news I was wanting to hear, but it is at least it is “some” news about the Dell Streak that has really caught my interest. The Dell Streak, which is a 5 inch WVGA screen cross between a smartphone and tablet, was shown today at the D8 Conference which is the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital Conference held at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. At the conference it was announced that the Dell Streak would be coming to the US (YES!) at the end of July and would be available at Dell.com for $500.00 (CRAP!). Well, I was really hoping for an AT&T announcement that the Streak would be coming to to a US Carrier as well but it didn’t happen. No US Carrier support as of yet which would bring some much needed subsidized pricing.

As you can see from the photo, the Dell Streak does not look to be that obscenely large in the hands of the Ron Garriques who demoed the Streak. It may not be belt holster friendly, but for the people that want more out of their smart phone and do not want to carry around a tablet, this may be the ideal solution. 

Another great find for me in the video is that the built in SIP keyboard will have a number pad to the right of the keyboard! No more Function Button then number pad, something the iPad has been criticized for not doing. There is a 10 minute video on the D8 website and I was thrilled to learn that not only will the Streak have HDMI output through a very cool looking cradle, but the cradle is also going to be included with the device! 

From a size stand point, the video does a nice job addressing the size of the device and Ron confirms that this was a device size specific to what Dell thinks people who want to really experience the internet will want, but still be able to put the device in the top pocket of their shirt. Ron, holds the Streak up to his ear and it is large, and one of the moderators jokes that it is like holding a waffle to your ear. But, that’s enough from me, check out the video and take a look for yourself:

Stay tuned and we will continue to bring you more on the Dell Streak. For more information and specifications, CLICK HERE.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the 500 dollar Dell price is unlocked. In case anyone wondered….

  2. im a bit confused. we can still use this on att right? all we have to do is buy the phone and put our sim in it? i still have a lot of researching to do on this phone. i just started looking at it today. im a bit behind the news lately.

  3. There is a rumor that the Dell Streak is going to AT&T. Can you say subsidize me baby! $299.00 with a $50 dollar rebate? Hmmmmmm, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!

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