If anyone is getting sick of me writing about the Dell Streak, please let me know. I’m not going to stop writing or wanting this device, but I just wanted to know! LOL Just kidding, but we got some more Dell Streak goodness to share with you today that I thought you might like to see. First, as I mentioned yesterday with the announcement at D8 that the Dell Streak would in fact include a HDMI Out Cradle. The Cradle will also include a USB Port and Line Out that you can look at below. Check it out:

Second up is the Dell supplied Case that will come with the Streak. Looks like a nicely made leather case that will include a Kickstand. I would have preferred the Kickstand be integrated into the rear of the device cover, but this is still a nice touch from Dell to add to the “Experience” you will get from the Streak.



  1. Do you have a problem Nico. Like maybe you didn’t get enough lovin as a baby. Why don’t you try making a point rather than an imbecilic comment.

  2. @Nico – Jimski has a point. We typically tolerate linguistically savvy insults as long as they’re coupled with some other intelligent point or thought provoking question. It’s the only reason we don’t mind who dis?! hanging around. Despite his bad taste in cellular devices he’s funny as hell! So brush off your thesaurus and try again.

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