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Dell Streak HDMI Cradle And Case w/Kickstand Get Pictured

If anyone is getting sick of me writing about the Dell Streak, please let me know. I’m not going to stop writing or wanting this device, but I just wanted to know! LOL Just kidding, but we got some more Dell Streak goodness to share with you today that I thought you might like to see. First, as I mentioned yesterday with the announcement at D8 that the Dell Streak would in fact include a HDMI Out Cradle. The Cradle will also include a USB Port and Line Out that you can look at below. Check it out:

Second up is the Dell supplied Case that will come with the Streak. Looks like a nicely made leather case that will include a Kickstand. I would have preferred the Kickstand be integrated into the rear of the device cover, but this is still a nice touch from Dell to add to the “Experience” you will get from the Streak.