If you’ve been following the recent Windows Phone launch like a hawk you probably noticed the relative lack of information and hands-on time the Venue Pro have received.  Fear not the wait is over, according to Tmonews.  The venue pro will be going the way of the Nexus One with Dell trying out the Online Direct avenue ala Nexus One starting on the 15th of this month.  If you’re not particularly interested in waiting an extra week just to be able to order online you an pick one up at your favorite Microsoft Retail store on the 8th.

I’ll just go ahead and say it…what the heck is Dell thinking?  Did they not see the failed experiment that happened with the Nexus One?  They are completely missing the opportunity to have the most successful gen-1 Windows Phone.  Now is the time to get in as many avenues as possible with the greatest traffic and capitalize on this emerging market.  Round 2 the competition will be ramped up seeing the European and expected US demand for the phones.  What say you?  Am I the only one who thinks Dell is making a huge misstep by not selling through normal carrier channels?  Let me know that I am not crazy by dropping a comment.  Thanks



  1. You’r not the only one that thinks Dell is making a bad mistake, they need to put the phone through as much carriers as you say. And have this hot phone on the market in the streets so people can walk in and see them. It is one that I am thinking of trading my HD2 for,cause of the keyboard. I think it is fantastic

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