imageAs we discussed, the other day Twitter revised it’s iOS app to include a new trend bar at top that doesn’t go away…until you switch Twitter apps like most people promptly did. Well it has a name and a trend now. It’s #dickbar after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Well Twitter responded to the outcry:


Please, I’m begging you, #dickbar is too funny to leave this quickly. And it was only because of this trend that so many heard about #bootyappreciationday which it’s heavily trending.




  1. Hey buddy, you just keep your #dickbar to yourself. This is a PG-13 site and we will not have any #dickbar sharing here! However, I am all kinds of down with #bootyappreciationday! (somewhere Simmons is scouring the internet for images on his next article)

  2. Sadly, it has departed from me. :(

    I wish I would have held on to it, I would have liked to have flashed Android to it. I think my next device other than the iPhone 5 is the Inspire. Really liked that device over the ATRIX when I played with them both. I got to have a larger screen, I hate this damn little 3.5 inch screen. Yeah, it is stunning to look at, but Apple has got to get it to 4inches or more.

  3. I agree, I like the inspire over the Atrix when I played with them both. I might be a bit bias because of the Sense UI however at my local AT&T store a so called “4G” area, I got very similar speeds over the internet using the Atrix, Inspire, and my Streak. After a 4.3″ screen with the HD2 there is no way I can go back to anything smaller. I do think the Atrix is a very good device though.

    With the iphone5 coming, IMO apple MUST have a larger screen size, 4″ minimum. It would increase the user experience dramatically while keeping it pocket friendly. I can’t say that with my Streak for most people however it does stay in my pocket just fine.

  4. […] discussing, Twitter has been pushing new techniques to get revenue out of the site, including the #dickbar, of course, and now it seems like they’re clamping down on third party Twitter apps. We’ve seen […]

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