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Cupertino kicking out iOS 4.3 on February 14th

Shortly after the untethered jailbreak was released for iOS 4.2 by GreenPoisOn, they, along with various other hacker development camps will be rushing to get their jailbreak ready for 4.3. We know form some of our developer friends that they have been playing with 4.3 for a while now, but no word on the official untethered jailbreak coming soon. So you may want to hold off on the official Apple iOS 4.3 that has now been reported by MacStories as coming out on February the 14th. Yep, you’re sweetie may be paying less attention to you this day as he, or she might be getting ready for the iOS 4.3 update scheduled to go live at  10am PST.

Rumored in iOS 4.3 is the Person Hotspot that the Verizon Version of the iPhone 4 is getting, and also more support for AirPlay, various other bug fixes, and iTunes App Subscriptions.

For me, I am not using Airplay, I have Hotspot through my 4.1 jail breaking App MyWi 4.0, so I will be holding off on this iOS update for the short foreseeable future.  Stay tuned more to come.

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