Today comes an article that basically says that Google didn’t do its homework (do they have a Beta Legal Team too?) and spend out the nose for some pretty useless Motorola Mobility patents and a sliding business.  It is interesting that every Android OEM toed the company line and basically issued a Google-penned statement of support for the acquisition.

"It’s an immense mistake," Martin says in an interview on Bloomberg, referring to Google’s blockbuster $12.5 billion patent acquisition of Motorola Mobility. "What they’ve bought is crap. Motorola [had already] sold off its good assets. Back in the early years, Motorola sold off some MPEG patents to GE … After that, they took a bunch of the Freescale patents and sold those off. [Motorola’s current patent estate, which Google is trying to buy,] actually has a huge dependency on Freescale, and Freescale actually has an Apple link."

To read the full, excellent article by Paul Thurrott click the link below.

Google Craps Its Pants


Source: Paul Thurrott via Matt Rosoff of Business Insider


  1. I’m in full agreement with Ike that you said something funny with that beta remark. Nice!

    Well between Thurrott and an interview you found with some guy, whom this time you linked because he didn’t say anything even slightly negative about WP, I’m in no position to suggest that Google did in fact to their homework on the value and any legal exposure of owning these patents (with that many zeros on the line you’d think one would think something through) and an opened door into the hardware business. Give them the Homer Simpson blog image treatment by all means.

    Now in Google’s defense, relative to legal samurais like Microsoft for which it is hard to deny that predatory and at times flagrantly (and judged) illegal litigation is a permanent and prominent fixture of their business model, Google is somewhat of a neophyte to focusing a lot of resources on litigious nonsense and as a respectable journalist you should cut them some slack, you know? I mean, instead of zeroing in on legal offense Google has this habit of getting all caught up with and distracted by producing new products to help give Microsoft some ideas on what to do next when they’re not too busy suing Barnes and Noble or writing iPhone apps.

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